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We’ve brought together 29 of the TOP KETO Experts in exclusive online event.  They'll teach you: 

How to lose fat quickly on the diet that breaks ALL the rules without counting calories or suffering starvation
The Hidden Catalysts reserved by Top Experts for their Paid Patients
The Brain Discovery that gives Clarity, Focus, and of all things… Fat loss
The Sugar Epidemic: How to kick sugar for good
Re-claim your Life, Body & Feel Amazing
And More!

Who’s Presenting & What Is Each Session About?
Check out our hand-picked speakers.  They've been teaching KETO Nutrition to their patients and communities long before KETO was a buzz-word.  They're at the top of their game.  They have the proven strategies that work. 

Despite their busy schedules, each of these speakers jumped on board for this event and promised to share with your their best information in simple steps.  Get ready to learn a ton and change the course of your health for the BETTER!  
Day 1
Dr. Lisa Olszewski
American Institute of Healthy Living 
Todd White
Dry Farm Wines
Eat, Drink, and Live Ketogenic
Autumn Fladmo Smith
Certified Eating Psychology Coach & Holistic Nutritionist
The Link Between Diet & Mental Health
J.J. Virgin
Celebrity Nutrition Expert &
 Fitness Hall of Famer
The SUGAR Impact Diet
Vivica Menegaz
Nutritionist Specializing in Therapeutic Ketogenic Diet and Hormone Rebalancing
Doing KETO Right for YOU!
Dr. Jack Wolfson
Holistic Cardiologist
Paleo (Keto) Lifestyle for Heart Health
Dr. Jamie Seeman
Board Certified OB/GYN
Female Hormonal Health and the Ketogenic Lifestyle
Lily Nichols
Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist & Certified Diabetes Educator
Low Carb, Ketosis & Pregnancy: The Controversy & The Science
Dr. Dan Pompa
 Cellular Healing Specialist
The Reason You May Have Stopped Losing Weight in Ketosis...
Willie Villarreal
Family Nurse Practitioner, CrossFit Masters Athlete
Ketosis for Enhanced Sports Performance & Recovery
Dr. Heather Cardin
Wellness Practitioner
Breaking Plateaus and Stalls on the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF)/ Keto Diet
Dr. Lisa Koche
Board Certified Internal Medicine, Bariatrics, and Anti-aging & Regenerative Medicine
From DIM to LIT: Transforming Health through Keto
Dr. Rob Vasquez
Wellness Expert
Day 2
BONUS Presentations From
Dr. Josh Axe 
Founder of one of the world’s largest health websites,
Dr. Zach Bush
Triple Board-Certified Physician:
Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, and Hospice/Palliative care
Dr. Anna Cabeca
Triple Board-Certified in Gynecology & Obstetrics, Integrative Medicine and Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine
The Keto-Green Way to Slim, Sane and Sexy
Maria Emmerich
 Wellness Expert in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology
Keto-Adapted: Your Guide to Accelerated Weight Loss and Healthy Healing
Shawn Mynar
Holistic Nutritionist
The Keto For Women Show Host
Keto for Women's Health
Leanne Vogel 
Founder of 
Healthful Pursuit and Happy Keto Body, 
Best-selling author,
Host of The Keto Diet Podcast
Keto for Women: How Your Hormones Dictate Your Keto Approach
Dorian Greenow
Are you in Ketosis?
 A Guide to Testing Ketone Levels
Dr. Deborah Carver - Hodges
Board Certified Neurologist
Brain Benefits of Ketosis
Dr. Heather Denniston
Chiropractor, Certified Wellness Practitioner, Creator of The Change Cave
Six Boosters To Your Keto
or Paleo Plan 
Dr. Adam Nally
Board Certified Family Practice Physician & Board Certified Obesity Medicine Specialist
Ketogenic Living: Unlocking Health with Ketones
Merily Pompa
Raising Children to Make
 Healthy Food Choices
Amy Stark
Energy Healer & Transformation Coach
Keto and Mindset, How to Transform Your Limiting Beliefs Around Health
Dr. Stephanie Estima
Chiropractor & Founder The Keto Clean Program

Fasting and Keto: How to Incorporate it into your Daily Life
Dr. Laura Foster
Chiropractor & Creator 40-Day Sugar Detox
Transitioning to a Keto Lifestyle - Strategies to Drop Your Sugar/Carb Cravings for Good
Dr. Lisa Olszewski
Chiropractor & Naturopath
The Basics of Ketogenic Nutrition: Simple Steps to Incorporate Keto into Everyday Life
Dr. Carolyn Griffin
Chiropractor & Certified Fermentationist
Gut Health and Incorporating Fermented Foods into Your Ketogenic Nutrition Plan
Carole Feeman
Keto Diet Nutrition & Psychology Specialist
Keto QuickStart Formula
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Here's the deal.  You want to be healthy.  But trying to navigate all the information online can be confusing, even downright frustrating.  

We get it.  We're all busy.  You want to learn from the experts, but either you don't have access to them, or you don't have the time to do the research online to find out more.  

So, why waste time searching individual websites when we've put together some of the TOP EXPERTS in KETO all in one convenient online event?!

The best part?  You get to learn from these TOP EXPERTS all from the comfort of your own home.  Grab your laptop, get cozy on your couch and start learning from some of the best names in health and nutrition today. 

#2 – Value Packed Video Interviews
 FREE For A Limited Time (only if you sign up TODAY)
Let's get real. In order to learn from some of the best experts in the field, you typically have to pay a pretty penny to register for the seminar. Most conferences cost thousands to attend.

Then, you've got to add in travel expenses - flights, hotels, food and time away from work. It all adds up, and makes learning - and trying to figure out how to get healthy- expensive and out of reach for most.

Because I know how powerful this event is going to be, I’m giving you a free access…but only if you claim it right now.
#3 – Speaker Presentation BONUSES
Each speaker was hand selected to be a part of the KETO Virtual Summit, and have added in their own BONUS material to help you succeed.  Be sure to gain access to these downloads during the TWO DAY ONLINE EVENT.  

Can't get through all the speaker presentations in two days?  We have an affordable upgrade option so you can have LIFETIME ACCESS to the videos, along with audio and transcript downloads.  
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What Makes This Event Different?
No Travel Required - Join from the Comfort of Your own HOME!
There’s no flight or hotel room to book…saving you thousands of dollars, travel time, and time away from your family.
Flexible schedule
The presentations will be available online at your own convenience. During the free portion of the event (available for TWO days), each interview will be live for 12 hours, and if you purchase you’ll get access to all the interviews and bonus material forever.
World Class Experts
These speakers practice what they preach.  They're not saying one thing from stage and doing another.  They're cutting edge.  Most have been teaching a PALEO KETO Nutrition plan well before either became popular.  

We picked these speakers because they INSPIRE US.  They have the same mission as us- to help people make positive changes in their health, therefore they can fulfill their own respective mission in life.  
Healthy Living Resources
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Get Access To 29 Expert Interviews On One Of The Most Popular Health Topics Today!
And The Best Part?!
You Can Get Access For FREE (For A Limited Time)
Where is this event located?
Wherever you are! Because this is an online event, there is no physical venue (and therefore, no travel (or travel expenses!) You can watch anywhere with an internet connection.
How do I watch the Virtual Summit?
Once you claim your free ticket, you’ll receive login info to the secure area where you’ll be able to access each day of talks.  Watch your email for your login and follow the easy instructions.  You’ll be able to view the sessions on any computer, tablet or mobile device.
I can’t watch all the sessions while they're available. 
Can I get continued access?
Yes!  We understand that life happens, and maybe you couldn't watch all the speakers you wanted.  Or, there's a speaker you want to watch again.  You have the opportunity to purchase an ALL ACCESS PASS that gives you LIFETIME ACCESS to the videos, along with both audio and transcript downloads of all the talks. 
Get Access To 29 Expert Interviews On One Of The Most Popular Health Topics Today!
And The Best Part Is…You Can Get Access For FREE (For A Limited Time)
About The KETO Virtual Summit Host
Dr. Lisa Olszewski
American Institute of Healthy Living 
After building a successful family wellness chiropractic office, Dr. Olszewski realized that people genuinely want to be healthy, they just didn't know where to turn. We live in a time period where we have excessive information available to us, however, it becomes difficult for the general consumer to navigate. This was the catalyst for founding the American Institute of Healthy Living- a space where people could learn from world experts to help change the course of their health. Whether you want to be a role model for your children or just want to lean up and uplevel your health, there's something for everyone. We're here to help teach you the simple steps to achieve the health you want. We're the American Institute of Healthy Living. Healthy Living. Made Simple.
Get Access to 29 Expert Interviews on One of the Most Popular Health Topics Today! 
And the best part is… You Can Get Access For FREE (for a limited time)
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